2017 Olde Liberty Par 3 Golf Tournament Results

The par 3 was held on June third at Olde Liberty Golf Club. The par 3 layout was fun and challenging for those that played in. Thank you to all the participants for coming out it was a fun event. The first place for the women’s flight was Cynthia Bennet who shot a net 53. The Men’s first flight was won by Micheal Sullivan with a net 53. The senior first division was won by Craig Lancaster with a net 51 by winning a score card playoff with Denny Wendel who also shot a net 51. Third in that flight was Wayne Denton with a net 56. The men’s second flight was won by Scott Crowder with a net 52. William Mcgee placed second with a net 53 and Dean DeBardelaben with a net 54. The senior second flight was won with a net 51 by Gary Steimle. John Omeara placed second with a net 52 and Jim walsh placed third with a net 54. The men’s third flight was won by Robert Hostetter with a net 54. Second place was Kevin Norman with a net 55 and Mark Hrubetz placed third with a net 60. Again thanks to all who participated it was a wonderful day for the staff.

Place  Name  Score 
Men’s First Flight 
1st Micheal Sullivan 53
Men’s Second Flight 
1st Scott Crowder 52
2nd William Mcgee 53
3rd Dean Debardelben 54
Men’s Third Flight 
1st Robert Hostetter 54
2nd Kevin Norman 55
3rd Mark Hrubetz 60
Senior First Flight 
1st Criag Lancaster 51
2nd Denny Wendel 51
3rd Wayne Denton 56
Senior Second Flight 
1st Gary Steimle 51
2nd John O’meara 52
3rd James Walsh 54
Women’s Flight 
1st Cindy Bennett 53

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