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The 2018 Race for the FSC Cup kicked off this past Saturday at Eagle Ridge Golf Club with our annual Super Bowl Scramble. Originally scheduled for Sunday, the event was moved to Saturday due to the ominous Sunday forecast. The field battled through cool temperatures but were treated to lots of sunshine and calm winds.

The field was pre-flighted based on total team handicap index for this traditional 2-person scramble (captain’s choice) tournament. The 25-team field was divided into 4 flights. FSC Cup points were allocated based on finishing position and participation. All four flights were very close with only a few strokes separating first from second place. The Brady, Gronkowski and Foles Flights were all won with impressive 64’s. In the Jenkins Flight, the teams of Baker/Canady and Crowder/Hostetter both posted even par 71’s. The tie breaker was determined by back 9 scoring which gave Baker/Canady first place by one stroke.

Thank you to all players who participated in this Saturday event. A special thanks to Charlie Mason and his staff for having the course in excellent condition. Please remember to sign up for our next member tournament which is Luck Of The Irish held at Hedingham Golf Club on March 17th.

Brady Flight 
1st Place Matt Ellzey Micheal Sulllivan 64 $68 each
2nd Place Jay Floyd Gary Norris 66* $34 each
3rd Place J.D. Mann Kevin Miller 66 $17 each
Gronkowski Flight
1st Place Kirby Kim Rob Parton 64 $68 each
2nd Place Dean Debardelaben Rodney Jeffery 65 $34 each
Foles Flight 
1st Place Paul Hardy Willy Mesa 64 $68 each
2nd Place Steve Couwenhoven Randy Kiziah 70 $34 each
Jenkins Flight 
1st Place Andy Baker Darrell Canady 71* $68 each
2nd Place Scott Crowder Andrew Hostetter 71 $34 each
* Won Scorecard Playoff

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