Luck O’ The Irish Results

Luck of the IrishThe Luck O’ The Irish tournament did prove to be lucky as 50 golfers came to Hedingham on March 19th and were able to avoid forecasted rain until their final holes. Now in its third year of the event that uses a unique format the field continues to grow despite what the weather brings.

The format used for this tournament is a green ball tournament. All golfers must start with playing a green ball and continue to use it until the ball is lost, his out of bounds, hit into a hazard or a bunker.  For every hole that players complete using their green ball they get a shot reduced from their score.   While some golfers managed to play all 18 holes using their green ball there is no need to fear; there are plenty of green balls scattered through the course that can be found for months to come.

If the green ball wrinkle wasn’t enough there were also no flagsticks on the course. Everyone aimed for the center of the green and hoped the luck of the Irish were on their side when they got up to the green. To keep competitive fairness players were not allowed to go past their ball at any point until the ball was on the green and range finders were not allowed.

Fun was had by all with a great turnout for our first completed tournament of the season. Remember to sign up for the upcoming Match Play event by calling Riverwood at (919)-550-1919 as well as the Masters Challenge at Eagle Ridge (919)661-6300 which will be a two man chapman system format that combines the team score with a random player drawn from the Masters.

Gross-Net- Holes completed with green ball

Gentlemen’s First Flight

1st    $75 Doug Currie  79-57-17
2nd   $42 Ray Casey 81-58-13
3rd  $25 Matt Bergquist 82-64-8
Noah Parton 83-74-0
Adam Birkenheuer 95-76-3
Jim Fish 87-79-8
Rob Parton 102-89-4
Matt Bartell NC

Gentlemen’s Second Flight

1st     $59 Scott Distler 90-65-3
2nd   $30 Rob Hostetter 93-68-5
Chris Conner 93-78-0
Scott Crowder 98-79-1
Bobby Huntoon 111-85-5

Senior First Flight

1st $65 Kirby Kim 79-53-17
2nd $40 Rickie McGhee 81-55-18
3rd $20 Richard Scalise 86-56-18
Wayne Denton 75-64-4
Richard Frook 84-65-14
Gary Norris 79-68-6
John Grass 80-73-1

Senior Second Flight

1st  $59 Scott Hammond 78-50-18
2nd $30 Paul Cormier 83-64-7
Steve Ritchie 87-68-3
Skip Beasley 86-70-2
Bob Skea 90-77-3

Senior Third Flight

1st   $72 Tom Gould 90-68-3
2nd  $35 Joe Rapa 95-69-10
Paul Hardy 87-70-0
Denny Curtin 98-72-10
Ben Mostowy 96-76-3
Don McChesney 106-86-0

Senior Fourth Flight

1st   $59 Joe Stansbury 86-47-18
2nd $30 Dave Fish 90-53-18
Mike Stephens 98-58-18
Larry Kall 91-6307
Daylon Cash 93-64-7

Ladies First flight

1st   $45 Pam Bergquist 86-53-18
2nd  $25 Cindy Casey 87-65-12
Jenny Martin 86-65-5
Christie Mostowy 90-67-12

Ladies Second Flight

1st   $72 Natalie Stansbury 91-47-18
2nd  $35 Sue Light 92-56-12
Betsy Durchuck 95-57-11
Cheri Barabre 92-62-1
Cindy Bennett 97-63-8
Linda Gould 96-66-2

Ladies Third Flight

1st  $45 Jessica Stansbury 106-56-14
2nd $25 Mary Rehl 104-61-9
Grace Stansbury 117-63-18
Lona Hallissey 125-80-9

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