Dear FSC Sports Club Members,

I hope this letter finds everyone playing well and as often as possible. We certainly can’t ask for better weather than we have been experiencing and luckily we have dodged (knock on wood) the hurricanes which have wreaked havoc on others areas of the country. As we head into fall I would like to take this opportunity to update everyone on some things that are happening at our golf courses.

44 competitors teed it up last weekend at the Eagle Ridge Club Championship. The golf course was in outstanding condition and the weather couldn’t have been better. Thanks to Head Golf Professional Jesse Meath and his staff for conducting a great tournament as well as Director of Maintenance Charlie Mason and his staff for having the course in terrific shape. We appreciate everyone who took a weekend out of their schedule to participate and we congratulate all of our flight winners (Full Results can be found in the newsletter). The next member tournament on the schedule is the Riverwood Club Championship on October 14th-15th.

Hedingham Head Golf Professional Jerry Gregory has organized a fun, weekly, 2-person nine hole outing on Thursdays. These are open to everyone and feature a different format each week (Texas Scramble, Superball, etc). You can call the Hedingham Golf Shop (919-250-3030) to sign up individually, and partners will be drawn on Thursdays. Participation has been solid so far and we look forward to this growing in the future. We anticipate starting at 5:00 PM on Thursday for the next 2 weeks and then possibly moving to Sundays during the rest of fall due to the shorter days. We will keep you posted.

September is an extremely busy month at all of our courses, but especially Riverwood, for outside outings and tournaments. I know that these can be an annoyance for members but we appreciate your understanding in that these are a necessity so we can continue to offer a quality product. Stay in touch with SportsClubLive which will tell you if anything out of the ordinary is going on each day. We are certainly fortunate to have access to 3 other golf courses when one of our courses is booked. Any of our golf professionals can help book tee times at any of the other courses.

I also want to address the situation we are currently having with our golf carts. I am sure many of you are aware that we have had some issues with carts dying on the golf course in the past several weeks. I want everyone to be aware that we are doing everything we can to resolve the problem and that things are beginning to get better. I would ask everyone for one favor that will be of great assistance to us in solving the problem. Many members are trading carts out at the turn in anticipation of their cart dying or because it is beginning to die. These carts get lost in the shuffle of the cart return area and are not marked as problem carts. If you trade a cart out at the turn, could you please let either the cart attendant or golf professional on duty know the number of the problem cart. I know this is not an ideal situation but it will definitely help us tackle the problem.

Happy golfing and I urge everyone in contention for the FSC Cup to play as many of the remaining tournaments as possible. The prizes for the top 5 in the final standings are definitely worth it!


Daniel Davis

General Manager of Golf Division

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