Dear FSC Sports Club Members,

Dear FSC Sports Club Members,

Hopefully this update finds you all doing well and getting to play as much golf as our hot and steamy North Carolina weather will allow. It’s hard to believe that August is right around the corner! Before we know it the weather will start to cool off and we will be talking about football and watching the leaves fall. However, we still have a ton of golf season left and I want to take this opportunity to let you all know of some upcoming events at all our golf courses as well as things we are doing to improve the quality of our facilities.


  • Junior Club Championship – August 7-8
  • We reopened the Riverview nine on June 30 after extensive bunker and tee box restoration. We also sodded several areas where the flood had damaged the turf.
  • New sand has been put in the restored bunkers on Riverview, as well as Deer Run #5. We are also in the process of restoring our practice green bunker and it will be filled with new sand as well.
  • We have repainted several of the water cooler and trash can enclosures.

Eagle Ridge

  • Club Championship – September 16-17
  • We have new driving range mats for use on wet days and during the winter.
  • Sod has been laid on the right side of #5 green. The green is now slightly smaller and the new sod will be fringe.
  • A few problematic spots on the greens of 14, 16, and 17 were patched this week.
  • We have extended the fairways on 7 and 16 to make the course a little friendlier for seniors and ladies. We have also made a few of the fairways slightly wider as well as cut out new collection areas around some of the greens.
  • We are very excited to announce that #10 green will reopen on August 1.


  • Club Championship – August 19-20
  • The left side of #9 green was re-sodded last week and we should be able to reopen it within 2 weeks. We also shallowed and re-sodded the hill as well as curbed the cart path which was causing our runoff problem on that green.
  • We re-sodded some spots in the fairways on holes 1 and 18 as well as the white tee box on #9.
  • We reopened #11 green this week.
  • We have new driving range mats for use on wet days and during the winter.

Olde Liberty

  • We will be re-sodding #15 tee box next week.
  • In late August we will be seeding some areas around the edges of the course with Fescue to help make it more visually appealing
  • We will begin a project later this year to eliminate some of the washout problems we have in the bunkers.

This is also that time of the year when it is necessary to aerate our greens. While no one enjoys having to putt on punched greens, it is a necessity to keep our greens healthy over time. We have already completed Hedingham, Eagle Ridge, and Riverwood and will be doing Olde Liberty next week. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time as our greens are healing up.

As always, please continue to let us know what we are doing well and where we need to get better. Your feedback is much appreciated and helps us to continue to improve. Feel free to shoot me and email anytime at Happy golfing and I hope to see you at some of the upcoming member tournaments!

Daniel Davis

General Manager of Golf Division

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