Staying Hydrated

Staying Hydrated

It sure is hot outside!

Many of us will be heading to the pool this weekend to cool off during the heat of summer. While you’re standing in the pool water, remember you still need to hydrate.

Just because you are standing in the pool doesn’t mean you are safe from dehydration. You still have to drink water!

Dehydration is nothing to play around with, so be sure to follow these simple tips to stay hydrated in the heat of summer:

  • Snack on fruits and vegetables when it’s break time at the pool. These healthy treats are packed with water! Cold watermelon by the pool is delicious and helps you stay hydrated.
  • Steer clear of alcoholic drinks because that can dehydrate you, and this heat is dehydrating enough!
  • Spice up your pool drink by drinking sports drinks, lemonade, or coconut water. If you only drink water, you run the risk of flushing out salt and electrolytes that are essential, so add some variety to your drinks.
  • Throw a bunch of freezy pops in your pool cooler.

Even when we try our best to stay hydrated, the heat might still get the best of us, so watch out for these signs of dehydration in you or your children.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Super drowsy
  • Dark urine

If you have been out in the heat, and you have any of these symptoms, please let one of the lifeguards know, then get in the shade or go inside where it is cool until you are feeling better. If you still aren’t feeling any better, please seek medical attention.

We hope to see you at the pool this weekend, and remember to stay hydrated!

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