Introducing the Ranch Burger Complimentary with your Round of Golf at the Riverwood Golf Club.

We are proud to announce that the remodel of the Riverwood Golf Club Snack Bar is almost complete. We are now serving Ranch Burgers provided by the Fred Smith Company Ranch, complimentary with your participation in golf. The beef is all pasture raised, antibiotic free, natural and local.   Straight from the Ranch to you!

Rules for redeeming your Ranch Burger are as follows:beef2

  1. You must participate in any golf activity; playing a round of golf or practicing on the driving range.
  2. One Ranch Burger per golfer per day.
  3. When checking in for your round you will be given a ticket which can be redeemed at any time during serving hours the same day.

We are also selling packaged, premium blend ground beef, straight from the Ranch.

  • 1 lb packages $5
  • 3 lb packages $12
  • Pack of 4 1/4 pound patties $6

We have the Beef!


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