Member Member Recap

The 2015 Member Member was contested over 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, September 12th and 13th.  This two-person bast-ball event began Saturday at Hedingham Golf Club and saw mild overcast weather as many great matches were played.  The field was broken into 4 six-team flights who each played 5 9-hole matches within their flight.   Flight leaders after Day 1’s matches were:
Jones Flight: John Flynt / Matt Ellerman 16.5 points
Hogan Flight: Rickie McGhee / Bob Skea  13 points
Snead Flight: Willie Strickland / Bobby Bryant  14.5
Palmer Flight: Tami Bright / Amy Watson  13 points

Day 2 provided a beautiful day with autumn temperatures and plentiful sunshine.  Three nine hole matches were played at Riverwood Golf Club with the course in spectacular condition.  Final results are as follows:
Jones Flight:
1st – John Flynt / Matt Ellerman 35.5 points ($160)
2nd – Lou Masini / John Curry  25.5 points ($80)
Hogan Flight:
1st – Jay Floyd / Scott Redden  30 points ($160)
2nd – Matt Bartell / Chris Kozlowski  28 points ($80)
Snead Flight:
1st – Bob Couick / Doug Myers  33.5 points ($160)
2nd – Willie Strickland / Bobby Bryant  31.5 points ($80)
Palmer Flight:
1st – Tami Bright / Amy Watson  28.5 points ($100)
2nd – Sandi Terrill / Cindy Casey  27 points ($60)

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s event, the next member tournament will be the Riverwood Club Championship Oct 3-4.  Please call the Riverwood Golf Shop to sign up.

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