New Pool Rule

SClogoIt has come to the attention of the managers at Riverwood Athletic Club that there has been an abundance of glass bottles,containers, and alcohol being brought into the Riverwood pool. Both items are prohibited from being in or around Riverwood Athletic Club pools. We must make sure we provide a safe environment for all our members using the pool and enforce State code.

So, to help in this effort to keep the pool safe and glass/alcohol free, we are implementing acooler/bag check. We will be doing checks at the front cabana of bags and coolers going forward. If we see glass, you will be asked to take it out of the pool area immediately. If we see alcohol, you will be reminded that it is not permitted and that if you are observed consuming alcohol anywhere in our facilities you will be reminded of our pool rules. Please help us keep up our facilities; if you witness glass on the pool deck or alcohol consumption, please notify the pool manager on duty.

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