Notes from the Greenskeeper

Golf Course AerificationFSC Sports Club Members,

I remember Mr. Smith telling me once that if you do not like the weather in North Carolina just wait and it will change. That was never more true than when I began to write this and in completing it. Our crews have been busy applying Summer pre-emerge (which is completed at Eagle Ridge and Hedingham). Then the snow came this weekend and the wind and cold this week. What we thought was for sure an early Summer has turned quickly into a return to winter weather. How long will it last …. just wait!

We also have started aerating our Fairways, Tees and Roughs. I tell people this is like working out for most of us. It is hard work and tends to be ugly when we are in the middle of it but like keeping our bodies in shape we need to continue to condition our soils on the courses to improve. Eagle Ridge is 95% done and of course it is not the most attractive as we get the heavy clay plugs that the aerator pulls out broken up. Eagle Ridge and Olde Liberty still have heavy clay soils right up to surface. This is noticeable in areas where the grass is thin.  The aerating over time will help break these areas up and encourage the Bermuda grass to fill in. We are also amending the soil with gypsum to speed the process along. The compaction that is caused by the cart traffic on these two courses only intensifies the thinning of the turf.  Riverwood has just begun aerating on Deer Run this week and will move to Hedingham next. The soil structure on these two courses is much better but still requires us to aerate. The good news is because there is more topsoil the plugs break up and disperse so much easier. So please bear with us as we “work out” over the next month hopefully like our bodies if we work out we will be much better looking when the warmer weather arrives (and stays).


Dudley Raynor
Director of Maintenance

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