**Operation 36 Orientation at Riverwood Golf Club August 22nd (Wednesday) at 5pm**


Introducing Operation 36 at Riverwood Golf Club; the fun, educational, competitive, motivational, and interactive coaching system to golf. This program allows any level golfer to have more fun playing golf and shoot lower scores, while providing accountability in a teamwork environment with rewarding results. Learn, improve and fine tune your game, without the intimidation that can come with golf, with weekly one-hour practices, review of every aspect of the game, practice drills specific to your individual needs, and course play from “level-up” yardages while shooting par (36) or better for 9 holes. Operation 36 consists of an interactive app that allows me to send messages and assign drills and homework for players to log on the app while at the golf club, during their own practice sessions; so parents & coach can see the progress that their players are making. Check out the video below and feel free to send any questions to Spencer E. Hensley, PGA at Spencer.Hensley@outlook.com. I am very excited to start Operation 36 at Riverwood Golf Club!

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