Riverwood Indoor Pool Renovations

Indoor Pool In early September there will be a significant difference in the air quality and pool deck temperature at the Riverwood Athletic Club indoor pool. The Fred Smith Company Sports Club is replacing the old dehumidifier air conditioning unit from 2002 with a Select Aire system by Desert Aire. The new $200,000 unit, which we are installing outside of the athletic club along Athletic Club Boulevard, will effectively remove moisture from the air to provides a comfortable environment for swimmers and spectators alike. Along with a $50,000 Evacuator Unit which you see at the starting block end, that was installed several months ago, we feel that we will have an indoor pool as comfortable to swim in, sit around and watch a swim meet in as any pool in North Carolina. We are truly excited about this new project in that it is a major step in keeping our facilities as first rate for our members as possible. This will affect everyone who uses our indoor pool in a positive way.

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