Riverwood Rays New Coach Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson will be the newest addition to the Riverwood Rays. He will be filling the position of Head Coach. Andrew’s history with swimming is vast, which makes him a great candidate to help improve upon the already successful Riverwood Rays program.

Andrew started his career swimming with the Summer Team: Glen Laurel Gators, learning the fundamentals of swimming and team building. He then moved on to swimming with the Marlins of Raleigh (5 years) and the Clayton High Comets. Before moving on to college he assisted the same Glen Laurel Gators team he began with. The skills he learned from swimming with MOR made him the right person to become the Head Technique Coach at 17.

After, MOR and the Glen Laurel Gators, was his next venture as a Division 1 Swimmer with the East Carolina Pirates. He received a 4 year athletic scholarship to swim the 200/100 Breastroke and the 200 Individual Medley, as well as the 400 Medley Relay. He used what he learned with MOR and the new coaching techniques of ECU to improve upon his abilities and significantly grow as a swimmer. He won the most improved swimmer award from ECU as a freshman and went on to improve his times in the 100 and 200 Breast stroke to put his stamp on the All Time Top Ten list for both eventsat ECU. In his final season with East Carolina he finished third in the now, American Athletic Conference Championship Meet.

He currently enjoys teaching youngsters the important life lesson of swimming within the H&L Swim Academy. “It has always been a passion of mine to help kids who are frightened of the water or who have trouble just keeping their heads above it, and giving them the knowledge and courage to join a team like the Riverwood Rays and compete with others.”

Andrew knows the impact that summer league swimming has had on his career and on his life as a whole. He is excited for the chance to pass that on to the next generation of swimmers trying to improve, and have fun within the sport of swimming. “I am looking forward to the summer and the ability to help an organization that is already folurishing. With the help of H&L Swim Academy and the parents involved with the Riverwood Rays, I am excited to meet all of the swimmers and coach them through this upcoming season. Let’s all get ready to work hard and go fast. We will learn together, improve together, and have fun together.”

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