Summer Swim Lessons

Get your child ready to splash around this summer!

Swimming Lessons will be held during the summer at Riverwood and LionsGate!

Download: Riverwood Swim Lessons |  LionsGate Swim Lessons

Minnows(must be 3yrs)-Beginner
This class involves water exploration and primary skills: front crawl, back crawl, jumping in deep water, breathing, etc.

Turtles – Intermediate

This class involves primary skills and stroke readiness:  submersion, front crawl, back crawl, rotary breathing, treading water.


This class involves stroke technique in freestyle, backstroke and introduction to breaststroke, diving, and deep submersion.

Dolphins (must be at least 5 yrs)

This class involves stroke refinement and skill proficiency in all four strokes, competitive diving, and turns

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